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Please find below our current menu.  For more details, please click the Menu link below.


Full details on all allergens is available on request.



A Pint of Breads £5.95 (V)
Various chunks of warm breads served with garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip

Chilli Prawn and Avocado £6.45
Prawns and sliced avocado in an iceberg lettuce leaf topped with mango sweet chilli sauce and fresh lime

Camembert to Share £10.25 (V)
A baked camembert served with two warm baguettes and red onion marmalade

Chicken and Duck Terrine £6.65
A meaty chicken,duck and herb terrine served with melba toast and caramelised onion compote

Goat’s Cheese and Avocado Plate £6.45 (V)
Goat’s cheese and avocado slices with watercress and caramelised onion compote

Battered Chicken Balls £5.95    
Chunks of chicken in a light batter on a bed of lettuce, topped in a sweet and sticky Thai sauce

Tantalising Tasty Ribs £6.95
Slow cooked ribs coated in your choice of (1) Spicy firecracker       (2) Aromatic Thai or (3) Lime and chilli

Prawn Cocktail £6.45
Prawns in Marie Rose sauce drizzled with peppercorn sauce on a bed of iceberg lettuce, topped with a crevette prawn. Served with half a warm baguette

5 Panko Breaded Squid Strips £6.45
Thin strips of squid in a crunchy panko breadcrumb. Served with a salad garnish and mango sweet chilli dip



Main Courses


All main courses are served with your choice of potato and vegetables or salad unless otherwise stated. (VEG) shows can be made with Quorn Jackfruit or Vegetables                                                                                 WE HAVE MANY SAUCES WHICH ARE GLUTEN FREE PLEASE ASK

Oriental Salt and Pepper Salmon Sml £8.95 / Lge £14.95
Salmon coated in an oriental salt and pepper marinade
served on a bed of pea and pepper rice topped with a sweet, sticky Thai sauce

Steak Ale and Mushroom Pie Sml £9.25 / Lge £13.45          Our original steak, ale and mushroom. Topped with a puff pastry

Ocean Platter £15.95                                                                          Garlic King prawns, Aromatic Thai fish fillet, panko bread crumbed squid strips, salmon topped with crab and breadcrumbs

Herby Lamb £18.45

A large blade of lamb baked in warm tomato and basil sauce on a leek and cheese potato cake and watercress

Chicken New Yorker Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.45 (VEG)
Chicken breast and BBQ sauce topped with bacon, mixed cheese and fried onions/mushrooms

Breaded Wholetail Scampi Sml 8.95 / Lge £13.45
Breaded wholetail scampi, served with chips and peas

Wexford Chicken Sml £9.25 / Lge £13.95 
Chunks of chicken breast, mushrooms and stilton in a warming pepper sauce

Piggyback Salmon Sml £9.25 / Lge £14.95
A salmon fillet topped with crab meat, panko breadcrumbs and French dressing, on a bed of spinach sauté potatoes

Minced Beef Cobbler Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.25                                        A hearty main of minced beef and dumplings in a tasty gravy

Liver and Bacon Sml £8.95 / Lge £12.95                                           Liver, bacon and onions in our tasty gravy with mash and peas

Slow Roasted Smoked Ham Sml £8.95 / Lge £12.45

Topped with two fried eggs, served with chips and peas

Mountainous Minted Lamb £18.45
A substantial piece of lamb topped with minted gravy, served on a bed of mashed potato and fresh spinach

Your Choice of Chef’s Lasagne  Sml £9.95 / Lge £13.95 (V)
Meat lasagne or butternut squash lasagne, served with salad, chips, and garlic bread  

Battered Cod Sml £8.95 / Lge £12.95 **may contain bones**
Two cod fillets, lightly battered, served with chips and peas salad or vegetables 

Teriyaki Chicken Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.95 (VEG)
A chicken breast marinated in a teriyaki marinade, served on a bed of herb diced potatoes, with roasted red peppers and a teriyaki BBQ sauce and cashew nuts

Thai Fish Fillets Sml £8.95 / Lge £12.45                                            White fish in aromatic Thai Spices baked in the oven

Rump Steak and Vegetable Stir Fry £16.45 (VEG)              

Rump steak strips and vegetables stir fried in a Korean BBQ sauce mixed with Udon noodles

BBQ Jackfruit and Vegetable Parcel £13.95 (V) (Vegan)             Shredded jackfruit and fresh vegetables in BBQ sauce wrapped in a tortilla and baked in the oven

Smoked Haddock Florentine Sml £9.25 / Lge £14.55                     Smoked haddock and fresh spinach smothered in a bechamel sauce  

Mediterranean Vegetable Tart £13.25 (V) (Vegan)                             A Mediterranean vegetable tart with tomato and basil sauce

Tender Stuffed Pork £14.45                                                          

Pork tenderloin stuffed with an apricot stuffing and roasted red peppers, served on a bed of apple and ale chutney

Today’s Sausage and Mash Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.45                        Sausages and mash with peas and caramelised onion gravy

Firecracker Pork Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.45                                          Pork steaks in a spicy marinade on a bed of diced herb potato

Katsu Chicken Sml £8.95 / Lge £12.95                                       

Breaded chicken escalopes on white rice, topped with a katsu curry sauce and peas

Shredded Lamb Pie Sml £9.25 / Lge £13.95                                     Slow baked shredded lamb in our tasty gravy topped with mash served with roasted vegetables

Marmaduke Chicken Sml £8.95 / Lge £14.55                        

Chicken fillet topped with goat’s cheese, bacon and marmalade

Vietnamese Pork Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.95                                          Pork steaks topped with bacon, pineapple, mixed cheese and mango sweet chilli sauce

Mexican Chicken Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.45 (VEG)                             Chicken fillet topped with peppers, onions, mushrooms and salsa baked in the oven finished with guacamole

Asian Pork  Sml £8.95 / Lge £13.55                                                    Pork steak topped with onions and mushrooms in a sticky sauce

Appleberry Chicken Sml £9.25 / Lge £13.95 (VEG)                        Chicken fillet topped with bacon brie and an apple and cranberry sauce. Baked in the oven on a bed of fresh spinach leaves

Chilli Lamb £18.45                                                                       

Slow baked lamb in red wine smothered in panko breadcrumbs and chilli flakes baked in the oven


All served with chips, salad and coleslaw

Toppings: BBQ, Mango Sweet Chilli, Spicy Asian or Thai Sticky Honey

½ Rack of Ribs or Lamb Cutlets Sml £9.65 / Lge £15.95
Each portion is smothered in your choice of sauce

RIBS and WHICH £15.95                                                         

Choose from one of the items below to accompany your half rack.

Garlic King Prawns, Southern Fried Chicken, Squid Strips or Battered Chicken Balls in Asian Sauce



Served with chips and coleslaw. ALL BURGERS topped with fried onion and mushrooms (Ask if burger wanted extra well done)

Ye Olde Texan Burger £12.95
Our beef burger topped with BBQ sauce, smoked bacon and mixed cheese

The Vegetarian Stacker £12.95 (V) Vegan
A Thai vegetable burger, roasted pepper, mango sweet chilli sauce and mixed cheese

The Smashed Avocado Burger £13.45
Our beef burger, with smashed avocado, Korean BBQ sauce and mixed cheese

The Ultimate Burger Stack £15.50
The smashed avocado burger topped with our aged cheese and bacon burger

The Aged Cheese and Bacon Burger £12.95
Our beef burger topped with bacon and our aged cheddar cheese sauce

The Katsu Chicken Burger £12.95 (VEG)
Two breaded chicken escalopes, iceberg, tomato and katsu sauce



all £6.25 (unless otherwise indicated)

(Served with Chunky Chips and a Salad Garnish)


Vietnamese  Chicken  Sweet chilli sauce, pineapple, bacon and cheese melt (VEG)

The Sticky Steak  Rump steak strips in a Thai sticky sauce £7.95

The Hogs Back Bacon, brie and cranberry melt

The Asian One  Chicken, mushrooms, onions a ginger, garlic and chilli sauce (VEG)

The Cheeky Pig Chicken, bacon and cheese melt (VEG)

Terrys Chicken Teriyaki chicken, roasted peppers and cashew nuts (VEG)

Spicy Cheesy Goat Goat’s cheese, mushroom, peppers, arabiatta sauce (V)

Steak and More Rump steak strips onions, mushrooms and stilton £7.95 (VEG)

The American Aged cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, mushroom and cheese melt

The Waves  Tuna mayo and cheese melt 

The Kicker  Lincolnshire sausage, onions and mushrooms with chipotle mayonnaise

Veggies Galore Melt   Roasted vegetables, Korean BBQ sauce and cheese melt (V)

The HOT HOT One   Shredded lamb and in a spicy chilli marinade

The Southener   Southern fried chicken, lettuce and mayo baguette

The Balcony   BBQ chicken melt (VEG)

COLD BAGUETTES - Chicken, mayonnaise and Cucumber - Cheese and Onion

Prawn and Marie Rose Sauce £6.95 - Ham, Cheese and Onion


CHEF’S JACKET POTATOES £6.25 unless otherwise indicated

Cheese, Bacon and Fried Onions/ mushrooms aged cheddar sauce (VEG)

Bacon Brie and Cranberry (VEG)

Steak onions/mushrooms and sticky Thai sauce £7.95

Prawn and Marie Rose Sauce £7.95         Cheese and Beans (V)

Tuna Mayo and Coleslaw                         Sausage, Beans and Cheese


Try one of our delicious garlic breads (Ask for toppings)



These May contain Nuts, Wheat, or Sesame Seeds

Tikka (v)

Jalfrezi {hot}VEGAN

Balti {medium}VEGAN


Rogan josh {medium} VEGAN


Choose from Chicken £14.45 Lamb £16.45

 King Prawn £15.45 Quorn £14.45Vegetable £14.45 Jackfruit £14.45


Served with Pilau Rice, Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread (not vegan) and Mango Chutney



Our Fajitas are served with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Tomato Salsa, Mixed Cheese and three Various Flavour Soft Wraps


Chicken £14.95

Rump Steak strips £16.95

Shredded Lamb £14.95

BBQ Jackfruit £14.45 (V)VEGAN

Quorn £14.45 (V)

Vegetable £14.45(V)VEGAN

Mixed Chicken and Rump £15.95



Download our full Menu here
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Hot Rocks
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